Is Adrian Lopez The Striker To Answer Arsenal’s Problems?

It’s about that time of the year I suppose when amateurs from all over the world speculate on what their team “need” to challenge for the title. In that spirit I’d like to offer my two cents, on who I would like to see come January.

Arsenal could use a striker. Or at least so 99.9% of the internet writes. Names like Falcao and Fernando Llorente are constantly bandied about. Edin Dzeko and Loric Remy I suppose have fallen out of favor. I happen to like the latest name being thrown out, Adrian Lopez. And here is why…

First, let’s examine Arsenal’s current forward options, assuming a 4-2-3-1 formation. The only two natural front men that Wenger has at his disposal are Giroud & Chamakh which is to say the only viable option Wenger has for that lone striker position is Olivier Giroud. I like Giroud as a starting striker…

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