Rebuilding United, Almost Conquering the World and Turning Down Pele – The Incredible Story of Jimmy Murphy

Lost Boyos

“Jimmy Murphy has never been given the accolade he deserved for enabling Manchester United’s revival. He was destined to live in Busby’s shadow but there is no denying the debt Sir Matt and the club owed him even though today he is sometimes forgotten by revisionist historians.” Michael Parkinson

“Whatever I have achieved in football, I owe to one man and only one man – Jimmy Murphy.”Sir Bobby Charlton

Jimmy Murphy is a Welsh footballing legend. Fact. Murphy’s career is one of football’s great stories in itself. The fact that he is immortalised in a memorial in Old Trafford’s museum shows the huge respect that is afforded the great man at United. The club’s annual Young Player of the Year award is even titled the ‘Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year award’ in ode to man’s incredible ability to nurture upcoming talent which included the great Duncan Edwards and Bobby…

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