John Terry Retiring From International Football Is A Good Thing For England

This week saw Chelsea’s John Terry cut his ties with the England team amidst the racism row.

john terry england

“Oi, FA, four game ban and £220k fine? Ha! Is that all you got?”

After 78 caps for his country, with a heavy heart he made a statement which slammed the FA for making his position ‘unattainable’. Aw, poor you John, because you’re the victim in this aren’t you?

Although he escaped criminal charges, he didn’t get away from the wrath lenient punishment from the FA – a four match ban and £220,000. Luis Suarez may be feeling a little hard done by.

Why is this lenient? Terry’s case had video evidence of the incident while the Suarez and Evra incident didn’t. Yet Suarez received an eight match ban and £40,000 fine.

£220,000 is Terry’s reported weekly wage. A week’s wage for making a racist remark? The FA have failed once again to take a zero tolerance attitude. As Gary Lineker points out:

What the FA are suggesting with their punishment is racism isn’t that bad. Joey Barton received a 12 match ban for essentially ‘losing the plot’ on the last day of the season. To the FA, violence>racism.

John Terry may even have the audacity to appeal the decision. He should consider himself lucky the FA haven’t given him a ban similar to Barton’s or at least Suarez.

What impact does this have on England? I think a positive one.

I previously wrote about England needing to blood in the younger players for the future. The Golden Generation such as Terry have had their chance. They’re also on the wrong side of 30 too. England must look beyond Brazil and think about giving players such as Phil Jageilka and Gary Cahill the experience of playing under the pressure of a countries hopes and expectations.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:


2 thoughts on “John Terry Retiring From International Football Is A Good Thing For England

  1. The situation has been dealt with shamefully by the FA. Plus, it’s now almost a year since the incident occurred. In terms of whether England will miss him, I think that’s the one silver lining from the whole tawdry affair. He’s one of the most overrated players of modern times, all sleeves rolled up and shouting and little genuine ability. Jagielka is a far better reader of the game.

    • Agree with everything you’ve said, particularly John Terry and his characteristics. He’s often praised unnecessarily for throwing yourself in front of the ball. Too many times he was out paced and skinned last season.

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