The Hillsborough Disaster: The Truth Revealed But Sorry’s Not Enough

The Hillsborough Disaster happened a few months before I was born. I’ve heard of what happened and the pain people have suffered spanning more than two decades, but I’ve never really learnt in detail the events that took place on that fateful day. This video is for anyone like me who wants/needs to know what happened.

Today, the Hillsborough Independent Panel reached a verdict which held no Liverpool fan responsible in any way for the disaster. Has justice finally been done? No. The truth is out and that is all; a truth that is shocking.

It’s come to light that South Yorkshire police were covering up their mistakes. After all these years they kept to their made up stories of drunk, hooligan Liverpool fans and those without a ticket as the ones who caused the crush. They even ran checks on their criminal records and tested blood samples for alcohol to back up their story.

This is definitely not the last we’ll be hearing of the Hillsborough Disaster. While the families who have been affected by this tragedy have cleared the names of their loved ones of any wrong doing, no one has been punished. Is saying sorry enough?

Those in the police force at the time responsible of covering up their mistakes should be ashamed of themselves.

Justice for 96

96 Reasons For The Truth


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