How do you solve a problem like Scotland?

It’s only the second qualifying game, but I’m not exaggerating when I say its make or break time for Scotland today.

craig levein

‘Should I play 4-6-0 against Macedonia I wonder…’

Scotland need to win their home games against the weaker opposition to stand a chance of qualifying. Scotland would have ear marked their first two games as must wins which puts added pressure on today’s match.

So what’s Scotland’s problem? There’s no doubt the quality of players hasn’t been the same for many decades now since the likes of Dalgleish graced the blue shirt. But the current crop aren’t that bad. In fact, they’re the best lot for a while. More and more Scottish players are plying their trade not only in England, but England’s top flight, the Premier League.

It’s easy to blame the manager, but I really do think he’s not fit for the job – this was clearly evident against Serbia.

Levein set the team up like we were facing one of the big nations. 4-5-1 at home? GARY CALDWELL AS A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER!? I’m sorry, we need to be attacking teams at home, even if it does mean sacrificing at the back. Serbia had failed to score in seven of their last nine games – they are no goal scoring machine that’s for sure.

Okay, Levein had some of his first choice players out like Darren Fletcher and Scott Brown, but they aren’t going to score the goals Scotland needs. The problem is upfront.

Kenny Millar has carried Scotland for the past decade with his tireless work rate and finding the net when no one else could. But he’s 32 now and plays in the CANADIAN SOCCER LEAGUE. He missed a few chances on Saturday and you have to feel someone else might have taken them.

Jordan Rhodes came on in the last 10 minutes. He should have come on earlier. Heck, he should have started. He had a storming season with both Huddersfield and Scotland under 21s. He’s got the Midas touch at the moment yet he’s on the bench.

Levein also needs to swallow his pride and ask Steven Fletcher to come back to the fold. Fletcher scored 12 goals despite Wolves being relegated. Scotland can’t afford to leave quality strikers like Fletcher out – that much was evident on Saturday.

I still haven’t forgiven Levein for playing 4-6-0 against the Czechs in the last campaign and neither have a majority of other Scots. A trend setter perhaps? Well, Spain without a striker in the Wold Cup. No, he’s just clueless.

For me, if Scotland doesn’t get anything other than a win today, Levein will have sat in the Scotland hot seat for the last time.

Do you agree with Injury Time Equaliser? How would you solve Scotland’s problem?


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