Time To Show Rooney The Door

Wayne Rooney divides opinion – a lot. I hate using the phrase ‘like marmite’, but you either love or hate him.

Wayne Rooney Man Utd

Wayne’s let himself down again.

Is he world class? Sure, he’s been pivotal to United for the last few seasons as the United team get weaker and weaker. But does he show up on the big stage enough? Of course, for England he hasn’t had a decent tournament since his first in Euro 2004. But for United, it’s hard to argue he’s been the main man.

It’s recently come to light he put on seven pounds when they started pre season training in 2009. I don’t know what the fuss is about. Half a stone is nothing and it was the first day of pre season. Pre season is the time to get fit for the start of the season.

However, this year Fergie has suggested he is unhappy with Rooney’s fitness levels – two games into the season. This is a huge worry. He was left on the bench for the Fulham game because of this; and quiet rightly so.

He’s a professional footballer. He should be making sure he’s fit for the start of the season. Hopefully the arrival of RVP  and sitting on the bench will bring him crashing back to earth. He’s no longer the messiah at United with RVP banging in the goals. If he isn’t worried about his place in the starting line-up, he should be.

I think it’s time for United to show him the door. Thanks for your services, but your attitude stinks. Remember when he held the club to ransom? Questioning Fergie and United ambition and direction for the future? Oh here some more money Wayne. What’s that? You want to stay? Thought so. Some Man Utd fans haven’t and won’t forget. He almost made Fergie cry. It was like a father being disowned by his son. Here is that heartbreaking press conference again.

Remember last season when he when he apparently turned up worse for wear after a Boxing Day night out? He was subsequently left out for the following game against Blackburn. United suffered a 3-2 defeat; they lost the title on goal difference.

Maybe he thinks he’s bigger than the club. If he does, Fergie will show him the door; just ask Beckham, Stam, Keane, Ince…

Do you agree with Injury Time Equaliser? Should Man Utd show Rooney the door? Tell us in the comments section below.


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