Will The Real Michael Owen Please Stand Up

Michael owen

Can Owen revive his career?

Michael Owen is officially a Stoke player for the 2012/2013 season.

Many times throughout this transfer window, he has stated his hunger and desire to continue his football career. But there have been questions, and quite rightly so, about how much truth there is in this statement.

He’s been sitting idle for the last three seasons on the Man Utd bench. Where was the hunger and desire then as he piggy backed on his team mates success; a Premier League and League Cup medal. In those three years he played a poultry sum of 52 games in all competitions scoring 17 goals.

When he moved to United, he knew beforehand that his time on the pitch would be limited. At any time he could have moved on. Where is this so called desire? Instead he waited for United to cut ties. I reckon if the club had offered him a new contract, he would still be a United player. At 32 years old, he’s wasted the last three years of his career.

I’m glad he’s got the move. It’s time for Owen to put up or shut up. He didn’t want to drop to a lower league, claiming he’s still Premiership quality. Maybe all Owen needs is a good run of games. Can his dodgy legs hack that? Either way, it’s a shrewd move by Tony Pulis and Stoke. A pay-as-you-play deal means they won’t lose any money if when he gets injured, while he offers something different to Crouch, Walters and Jerome.

There’s been talk of Owen being the answer to England’s striker problems. Whoa! One step at a time. I think Owen will do well. From what I did see of Owen at United, he still has the movement in the box when a cross comes in and that cool demeanour when finishing. Go on Michael, show us the desire you’ve been talking about.

Do you agree with Injury Time Equaliser? How do you think Owen will do at Stoke? Tell us in the comments section.


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