John W. Henry – Right or Wrong?

John W. Henry wrote an open letter to the Liverpool fans in which he details his disappointment at not bolstering their side, but at the same time not regretting spending big money.

John W Henry

Henry sarcastically applauding himself on Liverpool’s (lack of) actions in the transfer market.

In an ideal world, he would be applauded for his ethos. The inflated prices today are staggering. He’s obviously learnt from last season’s experience in the transfer market where they did spend big and it got them very little.

It won’t be what Liverpool fans want to hear, Henry’s pockets just suddenly got deeper.

But there’s a huge difference between overinflated and just a bad deal. Over 15million for Jordan Henderson?! I know it’s about buying potential and he’s one for the future, but even then the price tag is far too much. It seems Henry has been left licking his wounds and Rodgers is suffering from it.

Was it not director Damien Comolli who was in charge of their less than clever transfers who’s no longer there?

While I agree the market has lost its head, I believe he should have dug deep to provide Rodgers the treasure chest he badly needs to transform this slightly better than a mid table team.

It’s rumoured Liverpool only offered 3million for their main target Clint Dempsey, which Fulham obviously rejected. He ended up going to Spurs for 6million. Has Liverpool’s thriftiness cost them a possible 15-20 goal man for the sake of 3million extra? Even at 6million Demspey looks like a bargain.

If Brendan is to be at Anfield for the long haul, Henry should have backed him now no matter what’s happened in the past so he can put his plans into place. Rodgers made it quite clear from an early stage that Carroll did not feature in his plans, so how they’ve ended up without a replacement is beyond me.

The only positive from this is Andy Carroll is on loan. I firmly believe he just needs game time to prove to Rodgers he capable of leading the line. It’s whether Carroll can fit into Rodgers passing style.

Do you agree with Injury Time Equaliser? Do you think Henry was right or wrong? Tell us in the comments section.


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