In Arsene we trust still?

Two games into the Premier League season and Arsenal have yet to find the back of the net. All talk has led back to Arsene selling RVP – is there life without the Dutchman?

in arsene we trust

Do you still have faith in Arsene?

Yes. Sure, you could point to the goals for section of the table that will tell you different, but from what I’ve seen, Arsenal will be just fine. Any team would notice an impact if they lost a 30 goal man and Arsenal are no different. But I believe Arsene has invested well. Like last season, he’s favoured older players rather than ones he can develop.

Olivier Giroud

olivier giroud

Will Giroud be the new RVP?

The former Montpellier striker scored 21 goals in 36 games. You could argue it was the French league which is inferior to the Premier League (Chamakh anyone?) but what I’ve seen of him he looks a decent prospect. He holds the ball up well, has decent movement and is good with his head. He did miss a great opportunity to win the game against Sunderland, but at least he was there to miss the chance.

Lukas Podolski

Many will think ‘Prince Poldi’ is a brilliant signing, due to the fact he scores for Germany in the big tournaments, but his time at Bayern Munich tells a different story. While he’s scored 44 goals in 101 appearances for his National team, his time at the German giants was one to forget. Luca Toni overshadowed ‘Prince Poldi’ and he found his time on the pitch being decreased until moving back to FC Koln where he found his shooting boots again. He believes the Bayern move came too early for him. At the age of 27, he’s ready for the ‘big club’ challenge once again. I’ve been unimpressed with him so far. He looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, where to move; his touch often heavy.

Santi Cazorla

The little Spaniard looks like a brilliant buy. He’s found it difficult to break into the Spanish midfield, but most would with the plethora of talent they have at their disposal! He would walk into any other national side’s midfield however. I’ll be writing up a piece on him later, but I’ll just say for now Arsenal have a new hero.

In an interview, Arsene Wenger stated the new players have only played a handful of games together; a couple of months ago they didn’t know each other. Another one of Arsene’s excuses? No. For once, Arsene isn’t making up excuses to save his team’s blushes. It will take time to gel and that’s my point; they’re playing like strangers, because they are.

Anyone who’s played football will know sometimes it takes time to know how a person plays; where they run, how fast are they and whether they like into feet or running onto the ball. From the two games, I’ve seen countless times where the ball has been too long or a run has gone unnoticed. Developing this understanding between the players will take time, but with the quality of players now at Arsenal, it’s only a matter of time before they start scoring for fun.

Plus, there’s no guarantee RVP would have made it through another whole season. Some seem to forget RVP’s injury proneness; he’s always one slip away from being on the injured on the sidelines.

On a positive note, they’ve kept two clean sheets; even with the man who looks like he’s running through treacle Mertesacker playing…


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