Crisis at Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool already?

No. Let’s not take anything away from Steve Clark’s West Brom side. They were solid and worked well as a team.

But think about the amount of chances Luis Suarez wasted Liverpool created. Chance after chance, on another day the result would have been different. But like last season, Liverpool were wasteful in front of goal and were stopped by the woodwork numerous times. The question is, is Suarez a leading striker? No. Technically gifted, he doesn’t have the finishing prowess to make that step up. Rodgers should move him to the flank where Borini played and have either Borini or Carroll as the main target. So creativity isn’t the problem; finishing is.

Elsewhere, the defence had a bad day at the office. Skrtel and Agger were a solid partnership at the back last season. They were all over the place, but you don’t turn into bad defenders over a summer. Brendan Rodgers blames the ref, but they were the right decision.

And let’s not forget, Zoltan Gera’s goal was stunning; probably couldn’t do it again if you asked him. That’s something that’s not going to happen every game.

After yesterday’s performance, how do you rate Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers?


2 thoughts on “Crisis at Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool already?

  1. Still early days of course but this will only help the pessimists. I think the manager and the team can only be judged at the end of the season, not after one game.

    • Have to agree, the media like hyping up the sack race – even if it is the first game of the season! Also, they probably have it in for Brendan as he replaced the messiah (in their eyes) King Kenny.

      I still think Rodgers is the right man to bring back the good ol’ days to Anfield.

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