What We Learned About Man Utd Tonight

man utd old trafford

Image Via Richard Barley

Man Utd crashed out of this years Europa Cup at the hands of a very impressive Athletic Bilbao side. In a game where the score could easily have been 15-3 on aggregate, Man Utd will still be embarrassed by the performance in both legs. These are the things we have learned about Man Utd.

Press Man Utd to beat them

Athletic Bilbao defended from the front and pressed high up the pitch, causing Man Utd to look like headless chickens for 180 minutes. Much like Barcelona played Man Utd in recent Champions League finals, Man Utd found it hard to do anything with their possession. The ball was passed around in their own half as usual, as soon as the ball made it’s way into the midfield, it was passed back. With no movement and short passes, it was a recipe for disaster.

Fergie got his team selection wrong

With Rooney dropping to receive the ball constantly, it was up to others to move into the strikers position. This didn’t happen often enough and as a result, the ball was passed from side to side or worse, back to the defence to start again. They missed Welbeck who can hold the ball terrifically or Hernandez who makes those super runs behind and through the centre of defence.

Man Utd could use Llorente

Berbatov has been given the go ahead to move away from Old Trafford in the summer. Llorente would be a perfect partner for Rooney. Llorente would allow Rooney to drop and play the number 10 role which he seems to have dropped back in to. His goal was well taken, showing great movement (or lack there of from Rio) and great technical ability for the volley van Persie would have been proud of. Strong, nimble feet and a poacher, the new van Nistelrooy anyone?

Man Utd are a very average team

Rooney is the only player that is world class. His goal showed he can create something out of nothing. Looking at their squad, its hard to make a case for the rest of them. Young can turn in a man of the match performance now and again, Valencia is consistent and Hernandez is the new Solskjaer. Looking at players like Park Ji Sung, is industrious enough for Man Utd? The midfield was lacking skill and flair which hampered their attacks. They need to find the new Paul Scholes fast, someone who can boss the midfield and find the killer pass.

Did Fergie get the team selection wrong tonight? Are Man Utd an average team? Tell us in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more football news.


2 thoughts on “What We Learned About Man Utd Tonight

    • Two bad games!

      I think it shows how poor the team really is. Seemed like they has no clue how to break the Bilbao defence down.

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