Top 3 News Stories In Football This Morning

Keep up to date with the latest football news. These are the stories hitting the headlines this morning.


Image via Ben Sutherland

1. Last nights comeback by Chesea has been hailed ‘one of the greatest’ by the Chelsea captain. John Terry played a vital role in the 4-1 win with his usual performance of throwing his body into the firing line and scoring the Blues second goal. He also described the performance by ‘the real Chelsea’, a slight dig at the now departed Villas-Boas. He spoke much of the teams unity, something they’ll need in the run for 4th place with Arsenal also picking up form when it matters most. Can Chelsea continue their good run of form?

2. Roberto Mancini will have to wait till the end of the season to see where his future lies. The Man City board want to see the outcome of the season before making any decisions to extend the Italians contract. Perfect timing really, he’s just lost the top spot in the Premier League and the owners are showing doubt as to Mancini’s ability and whether he can deliver the goods. This shows that should Mancini fail to win any silverware this season, he’ll be out the door. But is the Mickey Mouse cup (Europe League/UEFA cup) enough to hang onto the reigns?

3. The hard talking Scotsman may well find his way back to Rangers in a turn of events. Souness had much success at Rangers and businessman Brian Kennedy has revealed plans to take him back to Ibrox should he gain control over the crisis ridden club. Kennedy is however, not the favourite to take over he has admitted, believing the fans consortium Blue Knights will likely get the nod. Would Souness be a success if he returned?

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