The speculative draw no bet. With Bayern stuck on the end.

Draw no bet is possibly one of my favourite bets to get involved in. This essentially means if your team wins, you get a slightly reduced price and if it’s a draw you get your stake back. This bet is best used in play when a team you fancied pre match goes behind and your not entirely confident they will win but will at least get a draw.

Another way to use this is in the Engish leagues. The prices are big enough that you can utilise this tactic pre match in an accy. If your confident that a team won’t lose, put them in. If they draw, that selection is removed from the accy and for example, a five fold becomes a four fold.

It’s speculative but it allows you to put a small stake on and it let’s you maintain some interest in afternoon.

I’ve taken the teams in bold.

Ipswich vs Leeds

Derby vs Burnley

Leyton Orient vs Carlisle

Kaiserslautern v Bayern Munich

Leicester v Southampton

I’ve actually taken Bayern on the outright just to increase the value and this accy comes in at 21/1. Again to reiterate, small stakes is enough for me.


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